Contract Law

Contracts are the basis of business cooperation. But in private life as well, we ​​find contracts in various places. Since they often set the rights and obligations of the parties for years, your correct contract drafting is of great importance.

One of our main areas of activity is the creation, review, modification and negotiation of different types of contracts. In doing so, we have your legal advantage in mind, as small linguistic changes often lead to major legal differences. “BBT


Not everything that is legally possible in contract drafting is also tax-wise. Due to the close cooperation of our lawyers, tax consultants and auditors, we are able to advise and represent our clients in a wide range of issues and to optimally take individual concerns into account. The formation of interdisciplinary consultant teams brings clear advantages: one-stop expertise, short communication channels, transparency, time and cost savings.


  • Contract drafting, contract review & contract amendments
  • Drafting of contracts from various legal fields
  • Review of drafts of potential contractors; implementation of changes and comments; review from a business and tax perspective as well, if necessary
  • Negotiations with potential contractors to enforce your interests
  • Drafting and review of general terms and conditions, framework agreements, etc.

Private persons, freelancers, companies, non-profit organizations: Our lawyers and tax consultants advise you all-embracingly in the field of contract law. Contact us and we will discuss your options!