BBT is a national law firm with offices in Munich, Landshut, Airport Munich/Hallbergmoos and Memmingen. The networking of our partners ensures our clients the advantage of providing them with the best possible and comprehensive legal service, no matter where you are or what your legal concerns are. We offer tailored legal advice in corporate law, M & A, inheritance law, enterprice succession and wealth succession, criminal tax law, contract law, data protection and labor law.

“Private person, enterprice or non-profit organization: Most of us will sooner or later have a legal concern that requires sound and conscientious legal advice. This is where we come in. As lawyers, we relieve our clients wherever we can and uphold their interests, inside and outside the court. BBT


Sometimes only initial legal advice is needed, sometimes years of cooperation. However, our team of lawyers and specialized lawyers always builds up a personal advisory relationship with our clients and gets to know and understand their personal and economic interests. Because only then the optimal, legal advice is guaranteed. For us, this also includes making uncomfortable truths, talking back or giving in during trial or in negotiations when it is best for our client. Trust and an open and honest discourse with our clients are the results


Due to the close networking of our lawyers, we are able to advise and represent our clients in a wide range of issues. Moreover, the integration with our tax consultants and auditors offers our clients the certainty that tax and business matters are also adequately considered. After all, not everything that is possible, in particular in the field of contractual arrangements, is sensible for tax purposes as well. The formation of interdisciplinary consulting teams has clear advantages: one-stop expertise, short communication channels, transparency, time and cost savings.


  • Private persons & families
  • Freelancer
  • Small & Medium Businesses
  • Business Groups
  • Non-Profit Organizations & Foundations


  • Consulting, negotiation, design, representation & litigation
  • Company/Corporate law, M & A (incorporation, conversion, acquisition & Sale, letter of intent, corporate actions)
  • Inheritance law and property law (design, enforcement, interpretation & avoidance of wills, inheritance contracts, donations, succession planning; anticipated succession enterprice succession; wealth succession)
  • Tax criminal law / voluntary disclosure of tax evasion
  • Contract law (contract drafting, review and negotiation in various legal fields)
  • Employment law (employment contracts, warnings, dismissals, severance pay, service contracts)
  • Data protection

Our lawyers advise you all-embracingly. Contact us and we will discuss your options!