Due Diligence, Organization Review, Risk Management System and Internal Control System, Business Conduct Audit, and many more: There is a variety of issues, where it is advisable or necessary to seek confirmation or certification from an external auditor.

“Our auditors and tax consultants carry out various special audits for our clients and assist them as strategic advisers, experts and auditors.” BBT


  • Due diligence in the acquisition and sale of companies and company shares
  • Internal audit: review of the organization, the risk management system and the internal control system
  • Examination according to the Combined Heat and Power Act
  • Examination according to the Renewable Energy Act
  • Examination of the regularity of the management according to § 53 of the Budgetary Principles Law
  • Examination according to § 16 Broker and Builders Act
  • Examination according to § 24 Financial Investment Mediation Ordinance
  • Examination of the declaration of completeness according to the Packaging Act
  • Quality control according to § 57a Public Accountant Act
  • Examination of separation bills
  • Verification of the use of funds (EU grants)


Our auditing company participated in the quality control system according to § 57a Wirtschaftsprüferordnung. The company is registered as auditor for quality control according to § 57a Abs. 3 Wirtschaftsprüferordnung.

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