As an accounting firm, we review your financial statements and consolidated financial statements. The audits are carried out in accordance with both German commercial law (HGB) and international standards (IFRS, US GAAP). In the annual audit of small and medium-sized companies, non-profit organizations and in the audit of consolidated financial statements of listed companies: For us in the audit process, the holistic view and analysis of your company is decisive.

Efficient examination includes the detailed preparation of audits and the transparent organization, as well as a qualified and dedicated team that performs the audit diligently, competently and with a healthy level of pragmatism. We build a lasting and personal relationship with our clients, in order to know and understand their economic goals. This is the only way to ensure optimal auditing, as this is the only way we can give you safety, identify problems at an early stage, avoid surprises and make a smooth and timely audit possible.

For us, an audit is more than checking numbers to verify their accuracy or compliance with certain standards. Our goal: To show you potentials for optimization in business, tax and legal terms and to achieve the best possible result for your company. “BBT


Our auditing company participated in the quality control system according to § 57a Wirtschaftsprüferordnung. The company is registered as auditor for quality control according to § 57a Abs. 3 Wirtschaftsprüferordnung.


Compulsory examination, statutory and voluntary examination

  • financial statements
  • consolidated financial statements
  • national (HGB) and international standards (IFRS, US-GAAP)

Audit of financial statements, balance sheets and arithmetic units on the occasion of

  • Business start
  • Company Sale
  • Economic and corporate disputes
  • Conversions and mergers
  • Liquidations and bankruptcies
  • capital increases

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