For us, an audit is more than just checking figures for accuracy and compliance with certain standards. Our goal is to identify business management, taxation and legal optimisation potential based on the insights gained in the course of the audit. Our audit firm has participated in the quality control system according to Section 57a of the Public Accountant Act (WPO) and obtained certification of participation until 19 October 2018. The company is registered as a quality control auditor according to Section 57a (3) of the WPO. Based on years of experience with auditing small, midsize and listed companies as well as non-profit organisations, we are able to offer comprehensive knowledge. Legally required audit, statutory and voluntary audit

  • Annual financial statements
  • Consolidated financial statements
  • National (German Commercial Code (HGB)) and international standards (IFRS, US-GAAP)

Auditing of closings, balance sheets calculations for

  • Founding of companies
  • Company deposals
  • Business and corporate law disputes
  • Reorganisations and mergers
  • Liquidations and insolvencies
  • Capital increases