Tax consulting

For us, tax consulting means knowing the current tax situation, optimising it and developing strategies for the future that make business management sense. We offer specialised expertise in the field of public interest law. Our services: Ongoing tax consulting

  • Financial and personnel accounting
  • Preparing annual financial statements and complementary tax balance sheets
  • Preparing tax returns, tax return verification
  • Support with international tax law matters (double taxation conventions, Foreign Transaction Tax Act (AStG)); many years of experience in tax consulting for expatriates
  • Representation to tax authorities and before financial courts and the federal tax court
  • Consulting on public interest law matters

Strategic tax consulting

  • Company founding and restructuring (reorganisations, mergers etc.)
  • Corporate transactions (acquisition and disposal); corporate succession
  • Anticipated succession optimised for tax purposes/wealth succession
  • International tax law planning (double taxation conventions etc.)
  • Locations for commercial business operations and special-purpose enterprises, optimised under the aspect of public interest law

Tax planning

  • Preparing budgets for the acquisition of companies, real estate and other capital assets
  • Inheritance and gift tax planning

Expert opinions

  • National and international tax law matters