RA Dr. Michael Lingenberg LL.M. oec.

Michael LingenbergDr. Michael Lingenberg LL.M. oec.
Tax Law Specialist

Mr. Dr. Lingenberg specialises in tax law, corporate law, contract and inheritance law, insolvency law, competition law, employment law and the law regarding fiscal offences. He focuses on (tax) law consulting for foundings, restructurings, the acquisition and disposal of companies and groups (tax planning), as well as supporting entrepreneurs and private individuals in corporate/wealth succession matters (anticipated inheritance, inheritance/gift tax law etc.). Consulting on the law regarding fiscal offences in the context of preliminary proceedings and voluntary disclosure resulting in immunity is another focal point of his activities.

After studying law at Münster and Bochum Universities, Mr. Dr. Lingenberg worked for midsize, interdisciplinary consulting firms after five years with an international media group.

Mr. Dr. Lingenberg is an associate professor at FOM University for Economics & Management in Munich and an author for various online publications, in particular Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel and Publicus. He is business fluent in spoken and written English.


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