Company law / M&A

Legal advice, tax consultancy and auditing are linked in many ways. Especially in the field of Company Law, tax and economic aspects have to be taken into account as well in order to get a perfect solution for the client. With our interdisciplinary team consisting of lawyers, tax advisors and auditors, we offer an integrated consulting and individual solutions made by “one hand”. Our range of consulting in the field of Company Law/M&A goes from the foundation of companies over the re-structuring, the transformation and the sale of companies to the permanent/daily consulting in Company Law matters. Beside business organizations we have taken care for nonprofit organizations in the form of associations (Verein), foundations (Stiftung) and nonprofit corporations (GmbH) for many years as well. Our range of consulting encompasses especially:

  • Consultancy regarding the best/suitable form of acting; foundation of every kind of organization, drafting of the necessary contracts and documents
  • Transformation of organizations (merger, change of form, separation and spin-off) including contractual implementation
  • Corporate actions like increase or reduction of share capital; silent partnerships (typical and non typical silent partnerships)
  • Acquisition and sale of organization and shares
    • Non Disclosure Agreements
    • Letter of Intent (LoI); Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
    • Acquisition Contracts (asset deal, share deal), Participation Agreements (share deals)
    • Due Diligence (Legal/Tax/Business)
  • Permanently/daily consulting in Company Law matters
    • Preparation and implementation of Shareholder Meetings
    • Questions concerning rights and duties of CEO´s and concerning their employment contracts
    • Amendments of the Articles of Association
  • Assistance in disputes between shareholders or between shareholder and company